Tuesday, July 6, 2010

11 pounds

Since I've had my braces on, which has been about 1 month I have officially lost 11 pounds! How do you ask? Not being able to eat all of the junk I used to eat! I actually took this opportunity to go on a liquid diet since I had a hard time chewing foods. I bought "Lean Shake" from GNC along with their "Women's Active" mulitviamins. Not to mention despite my mouth pain I still went to the gym before work. Here's my daily routine:
  • 6am-7am Gym (30-45 min Cardio the rest of the time stretching and weights)
  • 7:45 Lean Shake
  • 9:45 lowfat yogurt
  • 12:00pm Lean Shake
  • 2:30pm natural applesauce/small handfull of mixed nuts
  • 5:30pm 1 cup fresh squeezed juice (beets,carrots,strawberries,celery,oranges)/handfull of mixed nuts
  • 9:45pm light dinner (I know it's late but that's what time I get home from school)
Since I eat a little something every few hours I'm not starving! When I got on the scale last week I was stoked! I'm gonna keep at it!

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Iris said...

Oh man that is Great! Yes. I am gonna have to go on a major crash diet. I think I have gained weight while on my vacation. I have not been too active either cause my Knee has been killing me too!