Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Dave planted a vegetable garden in the backyard a few weeks ago and it's taking off really fast!
We've got Lettuce growing and it's sprouting! So cute!
We've got green onions.
Got some Melon called "Twice as Nice"??? Don't know what it will look like.
Got some cucumbers. I want to pickle them.
Got some Eggplant. That should be interesting.
We have some grape tomatoes growing and some garlic too. The caterpillars sure got to this plant!
Look at this little guy. Freaky looking, he's looking for a leaf to grab on to.
There's all kinds of critters in our back yard! Look at how big this lizard is!
I spotted this lady bug. So cute!
A BLACK WIDOW! She looks viscous!

Monday, July 25, 2011


On Friday, Iris, Toni and I went to the Hawaiian Room in Bellflower to sing some Karaoke and have some cocktails. This place is in Bellflower, it's a total dive bar but the drinks are cheap! Candy is the owner/bartender/customer. In that order! LOL!
We ordered some vodka cranberries and then some Seagrams Sweet tea with Lemonade. So refreshing!
Then we started some Karoke! There was a huge list of songs that were avaiable! And if it's not on the list the DJ probably has it in his computer! I think we were singing a Amy Winehouse song here. RIP.
Iris did her Stray Cat Strut song and my song was Don't Stop Beliving by Journey. And we did many more.
Toni did a lot of country songs.
Singing our butts off!
Iris getting down! It was really a great time! Looking forward to going again!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Before and After

On April 27th I had blogged about Dave helping to rebuild my co-worker Sodalis and her husband Ryan's pond. And this is the end result. They added some plants and put in their beautiful koi fish in it.
This was before.
Looks Great! I wish Dave would have taken some close up pics of their fish. They have some really big ones!
Amazing transformation!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Santa Monica/Venice Beach

On Saturday I took Jackie, Tirso Jr and his friend Darren to Santa Monica beach. It was a perfect beach day. Wasn't too hot or too cold it was just right. As we sat there eating our lunch we noticed there were dolphins in the beach close to the boogie boarders! I tried my best to get a picture but it was hard, you can kind of see one there in the center to the right.
Dangit! all I could get was his fin! If you click on the picture it's right in the center.
Just chilln eatn some grub.
After we frolicked around in the ocean we walked all the way to Venice Beach, it probably took about 10 min to walk there. We saw this cool clown having a beer at a restaurant.

This guy was dressed as the devil walking around sending a message.
There was this guy passing out 3D glasses and telling us to look at this wall and mirror with paint splashed all over it! It was amazing! Totally trippy!
There's that clown on stilts again! Oh he's trying to get people to come in and look at the Freak Show. No thanks, I can do that for free just by walking around! LOL!
The boys wanted to go check out the skate park. Pretty cool, they made me so nervous though cause 1/2 these kids don't have protective gear on.
This guy did a cool trick but then he ate sh*t. Thank goodness he had all his gear. He was older though than the others, I'm sure he's had his fair share of injuries...yipes!
Alright time to go but first we checked out these psychobilly dudes play! LOL! Good times!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer walk

Dave and I took a walk down to the beach this evening, it was nice and cool outside. Lots of people were out walking too.
I love the islands you can see from the bluff. I wish they were open to the public where you could take a boat there and have there be like an amusement park there or something fun like that!
Dave doing the stairs, okay my turn!
Stretch first then go up! You really feel the burn half way up! I feel sorry for that guy lugging his bike up! LOL!
Nice views, I really should take advantage of the beach but sometimes I get bored and need to change my route.
Sunsets are nice here in Long Beach!
I love my hometown! Okay now to walk all the way back home!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hollywood Hike

Iris and I went to hike on Saturday to the Hollywood sign. I never knew there was a trail that led you up there! We got up early, met up with her friend Jenn and a couple of other girls and headed out there. It was a very hot morning. We got some Jamba Juice Powerberry smoothies to give us that energy we needed.

Once we got up there we hit the trail! Amazing views of the city and to the left was Griffith Observatory! So much thick smog in the background though!

There were lots of people hiking. Maybe I should get some hiking sticks too!

That hike was pretty challenging for me, my thighs were getting a really good workout! Thank goodness Iris brought her Ipod to keep our mind off the pain!

We saw this little lizard on the way up, also there was a farm down below. There were roosters, chickens, turkeys, and horses. There is a separate trail for horses, although there was horse poop on our trail in some spots. LOL!

This is the backside of the trail, must be Burbank?

The Hollywood Resevoir. And some pretty big houses.

Ah! We finally made it to the top! It was a lot easier going down for sure!

Got to get a shot of the Hollywood sign behind us!

One last shot! Can't wait to do it again!