Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big Bear Xmas trip

This Christmas we went up to Big Bear to spend it with Dave's family that came in from Texas. Here's the cabin, it looks like a saloon, it's cute and homey. Not too much snow on the ground there but most of it was in the mountains on the way up. The roads were kinda icy. Needless to say we did not need chains on our tires.
Dave and I went for a walk by the lake, it was so pretty.
It was mighty nippy! I made sure to bundle up.

We found a frozen puddle. I'll have to say it's so scary when you walk on any frozen water, it just starts cracking and you freak out...apparently Dave wasn't nervous at all.

There were these little footprints leading up to this...
log, that I'm pretty sure a bunny was taking shelter in. Awww...he must be so cute!

There's a really cool bridge along the lake.

All that walking got us hungry! Time for some steak, mac and cheese, carrots and some cornbread!

After dinner I enjoyed some NOG with some French brandy, it was pretty delicious!

Dave's family came in the day after Xmas, this is Preston, Dave's nephew. 
Dave's uncle Raymond and his little granddaughter Seela, she's pretty adorable!
We were all hanging out at the "Bear Bottom Lodge" having some VERY strong hot toddies. Check out the skier's and snowboarders. I didn't ski this time.
Later we went tobaganing.
This was a pretty steep hill with lots of trees around. I didn't sled at all,  I was too chicken.

 It was a nice trip.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas present

I got a Christmas check early this year from my beloved (mother-in-law) Dave's stepmom Jerry so I decided to buy myself something JUICY! I absolutely fell in love with these pretty and dainty earrings! I also got the matching charm bracelet which I couldn't find the picture of it since they are sold out pretty much anywhere online. Good thing I got it just in time!

Now I can add some cute little charms to my bracelet when I get it. BUT the prices are just very high for a little charm, but they are adorable.

This Eiffel tower one is perfect for my silver charm chain I already have!

So girlie!

Yum good enough to eat!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stateline...feeling lucky!

Last Saturday, my family chartered a bus to Stateline. It was great, dispite getting up super early it was worth it! There was a few Sex and the City slots! So awesome!

Dad and Tirso hitting one up!!

I went shopping at the Outlets there. Pretty good deals, wish I had more MONEY!!

Buffalo Bills was my favorite, it looked so much like KNOTTS! Even has a log ride inside!

Me right before the buffet, I was pretty tired in this pic!

Hitting up the Buffet!

Dad and Lety! We had fun! Can't wait for next year!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getty Center

 Dave and I decided to go on a date to The Getty Center. We both have never gone and we've heard it was really nice. It sure was! It's up high overlooking the LA area and the ocean! We could even see Long Beach and Catalina Island it was such a clear day!
Mexican art made entirely of blown glass. Pretty spectacular!

There was so much Travertine, it is pretty amazing!

I love Weeping Willows!

The view behind me was spectacular!

The architecture was so grand.

The streams were pretty cool too. The brochure advises to listen to the changing sounds of the stream "sound sculptures" were put in using boulders.

I really loved these structures that hold boganvillia flowers!

We were walking in the garden and saw a pomegrante tree.

The stream ends up here in the Flowering Maze. I would have liked to gone through it! But it's all water.

There were some sculptures outside, incredible views!

One of my favorite pieces there!

Another fav, I found her so graceful.

Of course they had a bunch of 18 century paintings and I loved her.

Of course who doesn't love "Iris's" by Van Gogh, I embarissingly asked Dave if this was really the REAL one! We got a chuckle out of that. I knew it was but, I just couldn't believe I was standing in front of the actual painting!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


For Halloween night we always give out candy and scare the kids coming up to the house to get it. Not the little ones but those darn teenagers. It's a kick scaring them, Dave dressed up as Micheal Myers and  he chased some kids down the street. It gave us a holar! And the neighbors were busting up! 
We have a fog machine and a strobe light and put on some loud scary sounds! The kids really like the smoke machine. Dave will sit there and act like a statue while the kids come up and wonder if theres really someone there!

Pretty creepy....
We also put up tombstones. Those always creep me out!

I slipped on my Snow White costume it was fun! We gave out lots of candy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Queen Mary Dark Harbor

We ended up going to The Queen Mary to check it out. The original plan was to go to Knotts Scary Farm but the kids wanted to try something new!
We hit up the ship first! Since we got there pretty much right when it opened we didn't have to wait in line long at all. First we went into Containment. It was cool I think this one had a girl in a wheelchair that freaked me out!! We all stuck pretty close together.

2nd we went into the boiler room hellfire. It was cool and we saw Alex there!! He was doing a great job scaring us all the way to that bridge! It was cool walking on it. Scary when you realized how HIGH you really were! After that we went into Submerged. It was so awesome going through the pool area and finding Jessica there as the "lady who haunts the pool"! Also the little girl looking for her mom freaked me out!!
The costumes and make-up were done so nicely. They really did such a great job!
After that we went to The Cage. That was sooo damn cool! It was fun getting lost in that maze. It was so trippy! After that we went to The Village of the Damned. That was my favorite! We were so scared we like ran through the whole maze. I liked the set up. It was so creepy I felt like I was literally in a haunted house trying to get out for dear life! I just wish the let us take pictures in the mazes! It was a blast!