Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Parlez- vous francais?

I would love to learn french so badly. I got this book it comes with a cd so I could hear pronunciations. Now I just need to find the time.

This is a handy little dictionary. Good for travelers. I better brush up on my french before I go to France one of these days!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long Beach History finds

Dave Fradell came by the house one day and gave us some cool historical maps of Long Beach. They are from 1953! He got them from Franklin Junior High's Library. He said they were just going to throw them out there. He thought we would cherish them. I swear we love anything having to do with history of Long Beach!

Here's a close up of the stats: 1953 population was only 255,000 people! And it gives the Average temperatures: Winter 55 degrees, Summer 70 degrees.

Picture of downtown area. The Pike...what a shame it isn't what it used to be a fun filled amusement park. I also wish the Municipal Auditorium was still there.

Me and Iris's old high school. Must have been so cool back in the 50's.

I wonder really how many houses were in Naples back then?

Bathing beaches and Bixby park.

When the Navy used to be there.

I LOVE this pamplet. Look at all the people there. Before the breakwater Long Beach had to have been so much nicer.

The other side of the pamplet features surrounding areas with cute little pictures.

Weight loss blog

I have another blogspot that I hope will help me to with my journey to becoming my healthiest. I will continue to blog here on my musings and stuff I like to do.
please visit "J'ai faim Cheri" I would love to hear any advice or motivation on my comments s'il vous plait!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Ranch

On the weekend my dad and stepmom invited us to go down to my stepmoms dad's ranch in Anza. Anza is a few miles east of Temecula. I used to come here as a kid. The whole family would come just to get away from the city. They have this mobile home sitting on 4 acres. It would be nice to have some land to do whatever you wanted with. Just as a getaway retreat.
They have some peach trees growning on the property. It's so quiet there and there are nice views.

Later we headed up to the mountain area of Idlewild, it kinda reminded me of Big Bear. They have some unique shops there. This was my favorite store, The Pony Express Trading Post.

Dave and Jackie fooling around!!! Cool top hat!

They had some cool stuff like rocks and pretty necklaces.
We went into a candy store where they had SODAS galore!!! Too many good ones to choose from.
My dad and I goofing around.
Later we went outside to gaze at the stars. You could hear owls, roosters and dogs barking. And of course some coyotes howling as it got later.

It was cold out there temperatures got down to the 30's at night!! It was a blast!

Friday, March 18, 2011


So lately I've been contimplating making this blog my weight loss journey. I'm a BIG yo-yo dieter like many people and it is hard for me to stay on track because:
For one: I get BORED-I'll start one diet/workout plan and get so unbelievably bored like you can't imagine.
2: Lifestyle-Let's face it, life is good when there's GOOD FOOD! Wine, meat, cheese, dessert. Come ON!
3. Hunger pangs-Cutting calories sucks because you are constantely hungry, then you get moody and sick at times too.
4. Muscle Pain-I don't want to sound like a baby but I don't like to feel sore after working out. LOL! I know, I know NO PAIN NO GAIN. Right?
So I've been trying to find a new GYM and I really want to join Curves but it's too expensive. $44 bucks a month. I like Curves because it's normal women who just want to get into shape without the intimidation of Regular Gyms.
I'll have to go back to 24hr most likely it's more affordable at $30 bucks a month. I was doing very good there but then I got really bored and I honestly feel very intimidated there by all of the nice bod's and men around.
All and all, I think working out is the main thing I need to do. At work I am sitting all day long. NO GOOD. I go for walks on my breaks and Lunch but it's not enough.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Knotts Berry Farm

It was Nerissa's 11th birthday so me, her and my brother went to hang out there for the day! We got the yearly passes. Too good to pass up!
The thing I LOVE about Knott's is the Old West theme about it! I honestly never get tired of going.
Nerissa and Tirso...just a couple of hicks on rocking chairs! LOL!
I love all of the little details about the park! They're too cool.
I always feel a little uneasy going into the coffin!

My niece and I.
Tirso's little girl is growing up. I love this waterfall with all the koi in it!

Us about to get on the Silver Bullet! You have to sit in the VERY front for this RIDE in my opinion! SO Awesome!
WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!
A classic favorite...The good ole LOG RIDE!
Here's my Snoopy souvenir cup and I took home an apple Funnel cake for me and Dave to share! FUN DAY!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Reef

On Wednesday some of my co-workers and myself were treated to The Reef restaurant to get a taste of what it's all about and tell or recommend it to our customers at LBT. It was a really nice place. There was this nice and cozy area to lounge in by the fire.
They have cases and cases of wines to choose from.
Since I love flowers I took this shot of this beautiful arrangement!
We headed outside to the patio area with a great view of the Long Beach harbor. They had food for us to sample! I had a picture of the ocean but I accidently deleted it! Doh!
I had one of my favorite beers a Stella served in a nice glass just how it should be!!

Later Maggie and I took a pic by one of the fire pits. There were quite a few there.
They always have a raffle at these events and I won! Behold! Sunday Brunch for 2! I hear there brunchs' are pretty good. They have over a 100 food items. Including bottomless champagne and a chocolate fountain. Can't wait!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Very Eventful Saturday

Saturday I went to Nancy's baby shower. She is having a girl! Her name will be Valentina Isabelle. The cake was really pretty. Ahhh...I just love pink!

As party favors they had these Welcome Valentina chocolate bars!
It was a surprise shower, Nancy said she was kinda suspious but everyone did there best to keep it a secret!

They also had the tables decorated with these beautifull flower arrangements! To die for!

Nancy looked so cute with her baby bump! It was nice to see Camerina and Anna. Later Adrianna showed up too.

Later on that evening Iris and I went to the Chit Chat Club! Here is my first drink a Champagne Cocktail. So classy!

This is a great shot of Iris and Loryn! Iris this dress is amazing on you!
Kinda dark shot of the ballroom that does it NO justice. The place was absolutely spectacular! Very Art Deco.

Later Iris and I had some more cocktails of course. My fav was the Germaine Squeeze! I love these type of glasses! We're a couple of Dolls aren't we? It was fun getting all dressed up!
The band was great, they played swing music! It was cool just watching people dance the night away!

Later we went up to dance. Here's Iris and Zach cutt'n a rug! Fun night indeed!