Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Baby Valentina

Today I went to pay a visit to Nancy and her new baby girl Valentina. She was born in April. I must say she was such a DOLL! She was such a good baby uggh I fell in love with her instantly!
It's so cute, Nancy says when she sleeps she covers her eyes like that!
I love this one cause she's smiling! Nancy says it's her first smile in a picture!!

I like her face here she looks like she's up to something!
This one cracks me up because she was fussing! Okay back to mom you go!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rose Park

I took a little walk around my neighborhood to get some much needed excersise of my right leg that I've been trying to keep off of as much as possible. I just wanted to be sure that I wouldn't be damaging it more than what it already is. I'm so happy I can use it now!
I love that Rose Park is such a cute little round about park! Very unique. I remember years ago Iris took me down to show me this neighborhood and I thought to myself "I would love to live here." And now I do.
The park has 4 trelliss', one at each street. So pretty with the roses on them. And they are in bloom. I just love spring!

This gazebo was put in not too long ago. Before it was just a rose area.

It's nice you can sit here alone or with your sweetheart. Lots of neighbors walk their dogs here and bring their kids to play around. Once and a while Rose Park association has events.
Nice touch to put in a mosaic of a rose. Beautiful!
It's nice to take time and "smell the roses".

Friday, May 6, 2011

The twilight is now over...

Since I am done reading Twilight I thought it would be cool to see the movie and then start reading New Moon. I loved it. Saw it last night and it was pretty right on to the book. Just some very minor differences. But I am in love with Edward now. He's gorgeous.  Now to start reading New Moon. BYE!