Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sitting pretty

I feel so good right now. I've been exercising every morning Monday through Friday for about an hour. I remember when I first started going I was soooo out of shape. Now I am rocking the elliptical! It's awesome and I just feel fantastic! I've been noticing my body changing and overall I have a lot more energy.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

French women don't get fat

So the novel that I'm reading "Lunch in Paris" has some nice tips on why french women are not typically overweight. It's very interesting because french food is so rich.
1st of all the french people walk, walk and walk even more. In France everything is accessible by walking versus here in America things are so spread out we drive everywhere and use escalators and elevators whenever we can. Gym memberships are pretty much unheard of also in France.
2nd, portion control. I got to say this is my downfall. Since I was a kid I've been "programed" to finish all of my food. I've been noticing my portions are so big. I have to remember to think petite. See the french women know sooner or later they are gonna get into a bikini so they know they need to watch it. And they pull it off. I'm talking even older women get into bikini's! 
3rd, fresh food. Markets are big in France and the people don't really eat "fast food". So more home cooking!! I've been going to the Farmers Market more. It's fun and I feel so much healthier.
And lastly, enjoy every morsel of food, eat slowly and yes have dessert!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Front Line Service

Once a month the Long Beach Visitors and Convention Bureau treat us to a restuarant or event in the city so we can tell our customers about it. And I got to say it's nice to get the royal treatment! Our 1st stop was Bubba Gump's. The food just kept coming! I loved the hush puppies and the ceviche!

Our next stop was the Aquarium of the Pacific! I love it there and I never get tired of going.

GIANT Sea Bass. He was checking me out and I got to say I was pretty intimidated!

Sea Horses are so fascinating to me! They are so pretty.

Leopard sharks you can pet or not...


They have a new Sea Otter exhibit presented by BP. Hmmm...if only they can stop spilling oil into our oceans. Kinda ironic.

Otters are so adorable! I want one as a pet. This one was so cute rolling around in ice and making snowballs with it!! It melted my heart!!

They had a nice spread. Too bad I stuffed myself at Bubba Gump's.

It's Maggie the Sea Otter. Thanks for the great time!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Are you SERIOUS?!

So yesterday I went to get a consultation on getting some braces because my teeth are shifting. I had braces as a kid and I had the hole get-up too. Head gear and everything which sucked. So now looks like I'm doing it again. I think it is important since I am going in to the Dental field to have nice, straight, healthy teeth. So I'm going to buck up and do it.
I love this picture of Joan Cusak in Sixteen Candles! So funny!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tantulum's delights

Friday I needed a drink ASAP! So we nixed Hof's Hut and went to Tantulum instead. Vodka cranberries are always a treat. Don't forget the lime!

Man, we look fabulous. What can I say?
Watermelon margarita sounded good but then I started not to like it. Bummer.

So we ended up ordering their famous "Pink Elephant" martini. So dangerously good I love the bubblegum flavor! And we were starved so we got some Kobe burger sliders. Aren't they cute?

Cypress College

So this summer I will attend Cypress College. I'm excited! I'm going to start off by taking a PSY 101 class. Gotta get an A!!

The campus is nice. It has been renoveated. It's only 15 minutes from my house!

The grounds were nice with a big fountain in the middle of campus.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All day long...

I felt like this, exhausted physically. I wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep. I know I'll be better tomorrow. Just in a middle of the week rut. I'll be up early tomorrow for my workout.  After all, summer is coming real fast! Got to look good in that swim suit.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dreams of Fish

I've always found dreams fascinating. I believe that the have meaning. Whether it be foretelling the future or the dream trying to tell you something. So the other night I dreamt about fish. Now I have heard many things about the symbol of seeing fish in a dream. Good luck, fortune, fertility.
So in my dream I saw my coi fish not in my pond but in a huge aquarium. They were swimming then some were jumping out at me and my niece who was there too. She caught all of them but I would catch some and some would slip out of my hands. I also looked down at the bottom of the aquarium and some fish were dead.
What I think the dream meant was that I am juggling too many things at once. And I need to slow down. So I will. What do your dreams mean to you? Do they help you?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Robin Hood Premiere

Tonight myself, Dave and his family were invited to go to the Robin Hood movie premiere! Dave's stepbrother who worked for Universal Pictures unfortunately passed away this past March this was the last movie that he worked on. His name was Brett Johnson and he was the Senior Accountant for Universal Pictures. He passed at such a young age he was only 54 and died in his sleep. He had a heart condition we found out. He left behind a wife and three children.
I never really got a chance to get to know him because we didn't spend time with the family. Just this last year he and Dave started to hang out with each other a lot more and enjoy trips out to Big Bear. He had told us about the Robin Hood premiere and we were very excited to go with him. He will surely be there inspirit. May you rest in peace Brett.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Precious puppies

Marie Antoinette loved dogs. Her favorite was a Papillon known for it's "butterfly ears".
Here's a puppy Papillon. Cute dog. Don't see too many of these around!
OMG I love these dogs! King Charles Cavalier's! One of these days I'll have one. Not now though. Their faces are sooo sweet.
What's your favorite dog or pet?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Perfect Sunday

I got a new book today and decided to read it in my back yard. This books seems right up my alley. Since I love anything to do with Paris and I love food. I'll work my way up to cooking though.
I'm sitting on the bridge looking at my fish swim. The weather is absolutely beautiful!
Those silly fish think I have food. You guys already ate!
Time to take a sip of my sun tea with lemon. Yum and so refreshing.
Down the hatch! Time to read! Hope you all had a great weekend!