Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family Reunion(Mexico)

About a week ago my mom and I went to visit my grandmother and all of the family.
This is not even everyone! That is my grandmother sitting next to my mom. My mom is the oldest of her siblings, she has 10.
This is my Aunt Karla (who by the way is 1 year younger than me), my cousin Fernanda, and me!
It was cool hanging out with them after so many years. Last time I was there was in 2006. I'm drinking a beer with my familia! LOL!
I am the oldest cousin and this is the youngest, his name is Santiago.
These two are my cousins. Brianna and Monserat. I used to take care of Brianna as a baby. Now she's all grown up!
I had a blast over there!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Elise's Tea Room

Saturday the girls and I went over to have some tea at Elise's Tea Room. I was very impressed.

I ordered the Red Currant tea. It was so delicious! I loved that you get your own little pot of tea!

I ordered the Tea Sampler that came with 3 different kinds of dainty sandwiches, I ordered the chive and cream cheese, cucumber, and egg salad. My fave was the chive and cream cheese! It also came with a scone, I chose strawberry and a dessert, which was a tier layered fruit, whipped cream, and white cake. YUM!

Iris, Amy and Felicia looking fabulous!

I just love chandiliers!


 Say Tea!
Can't wait to come back next month!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Famous Daves

Well tonight some co-workers and I were supposed to go to Famous Daves to have our monthly Front Line Service Star meeting. They treat us which is cool. Only thing was 2 girls dropped out, needless to say it was just Edna and I. The other thing was it started at 5:30 and I get off at 6:00 so by the time we got there everyone was served and there was no place to sit! Damn. So we hit the bar...
I had $ for 1 drink, so I made it a good one! I tried the Mama's Punch. It was good! It was a punch some Disarrono and sweet and sour and grenadine. Good stuff! I made it last.

Got to come back and try some BBQ!

They have some cool decor!

I could smell the BBQ. I'll come back very soon!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Last day Earthquake Fault/Manzanar

On the last day of our trip we wanted to visit the Earthquake Fault in Mammoth and Manzanar Relocation Center.

A view inside the Fault. There was snow down at the bottom. It was pretty deep.
Cool tree trunk!
Dave went inside the Fault and took some close shots.

Dave and I.

We stopped by this world famous Jerky shop.

We got some honey turkey jerky and some Elk smokehouse. I wasn't a big fan of the Elk...too tough.
We then stopped by Manzanar Relocation Center where 10,000 Japanese Americans were held during World War II.

So sad that they had to leave there possessions behind and have to relocate to an area where they had to live under such harsh circumstances.

Some artifacts the Japanese women made there.

The walls of the barracks were only wood and not in even insulated. They were covered with black tar paper. The winters were cold and the summers were very hot. And many families had to share a room. They put up sheets to have some privacy. They had to share showers.

A picture one of the children drew.

Self portrait of a boy there.

The mountains in the back ground.

One of the barracks.

Inside. They originally dismantled everything. And rebuilt it for historical purposes.

The auditorium where they would have church, meeting, dances and functions.

After a while they were able to beautify the property and they put ponds and gardens.
This is what is left of it. They are actually trying to restore it to its original state.
This area was called "Pleasure Park".

It was crazy, as we were walking the grounds. We met this lady called Mary and here daughter and daughter-in-law. Mary actually lived here as a teenager! She said she had fond memories of living here. She said she had more freedom here vs. she would have living at home. It was an honor to meet her.

The memorial they have at the cemetery there. 150 people died here at Manzanar but only 6 are buried there. Most were cremated or buried elsewhere.

People left Origami Cranes for those who perished there.

Also, leaving random items like these.

We left a bottle of Rum.

One of the guard towers there. I'm so glad I got to visit this place. I'd like to come back to see what other improvements they make on the place.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mammoth Campout part 3

The next day we wanted to do some more hiking so we headed out to the Devils Postpile(a rock formation) but first we came here to check out this incredible view of the mountains still covered with SNOW!
You want to just run through the meadow! Like in The Sound of Music! LOL!
There were wild flowers all around.
One last family shot before we go!
We went over to take the bus to the Devils Postpile and waited. These gondolas take you up to the top of the mountain. Looks like a fun ride.
The big Mammoth statue in town.
We then got to the trail to the Devils Postpile. It was a nice trail and it was 1/2 mile. NO sweat!
The Devils Postpile. Wow pretty incredible rock formation. Look how it curves to the side.
You can really tell how big it is in this pic.
After the Devils Postpile there was another trail that takes you to Rainbow Falls. That hike was 2.5 miles there and back. I was feeling good and wanted to see the falls so off we went. There was a river along the way and we crossed this bridge which I thought was pretty neat.
Pretty powerful river.
We finally got down to Rainbow Falls which was totally worth the grueling hike. It was up and down hill, steep in some areas. I was dying. We took a break here at the falls and we had to go back 2.5 miles back. Little did we know there was a shortcut to a bus stop to take you back. LOL! Oh well I really need the exercise. Needless to say I was in pain all night. I was so sore.
Amazing! So we then walked back, got on the bus to go back to camp and it was pouring down rain!! Luckily no water got into our tent and we packed rain panchos. Not such good luck for my family's tents...water puddled on the top of their tents and got some of their cots and sleeping bags all wet. They went to a hotel while Dave and I roughed it. It was fun, I wish I would have taken pics of the rain but by that time I was sore and starving from the hike. The rain eventually stopped we nestled in our tent and slept like bears. Part 4 tomorrow.