Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big Bear Xmas trip

This Christmas we went up to Big Bear to spend it with Dave's family that came in from Texas. Here's the cabin, it looks like a saloon, it's cute and homey. Not too much snow on the ground there but most of it was in the mountains on the way up. The roads were kinda icy. Needless to say we did not need chains on our tires.
Dave and I went for a walk by the lake, it was so pretty.
It was mighty nippy! I made sure to bundle up.

We found a frozen puddle. I'll have to say it's so scary when you walk on any frozen water, it just starts cracking and you freak out...apparently Dave wasn't nervous at all.

There were these little footprints leading up to this...
log, that I'm pretty sure a bunny was taking shelter in. Awww...he must be so cute!

There's a really cool bridge along the lake.

All that walking got us hungry! Time for some steak, mac and cheese, carrots and some cornbread!

After dinner I enjoyed some NOG with some French brandy, it was pretty delicious!

Dave's family came in the day after Xmas, this is Preston, Dave's nephew. 
Dave's uncle Raymond and his little granddaughter Seela, she's pretty adorable!
We were all hanging out at the "Bear Bottom Lodge" having some VERY strong hot toddies. Check out the skier's and snowboarders. I didn't ski this time.
Later we went tobaganing.
This was a pretty steep hill with lots of trees around. I didn't sled at all,  I was too chicken.

 It was a nice trip.


Iris said...

WOW..That looked like a pretty great time. I MUST get Gabe up to the snow this winter. He has never been and every year we say we are gonna go and never do. So beautiful up there!

John and Kirsten said...

This looks like so much fun! The steak and hot toddies sound amazing! Dave is a brave adventurer..I would have had a rope tied around my waist to the nearest tree!

Ally said...

I miss the snow!!! That looks like a great way to spend a Christmas :)