Friday, May 20, 2011

Rose Park

I took a little walk around my neighborhood to get some much needed excersise of my right leg that I've been trying to keep off of as much as possible. I just wanted to be sure that I wouldn't be damaging it more than what it already is. I'm so happy I can use it now!
I love that Rose Park is such a cute little round about park! Very unique. I remember years ago Iris took me down to show me this neighborhood and I thought to myself "I would love to live here." And now I do.
The park has 4 trelliss', one at each street. So pretty with the roses on them. And they are in bloom. I just love spring!

This gazebo was put in not too long ago. Before it was just a rose area.

It's nice you can sit here alone or with your sweetheart. Lots of neighbors walk their dogs here and bring their kids to play around. Once and a while Rose Park association has events.
Nice touch to put in a mosaic of a rose. Beautiful!
It's nice to take time and "smell the roses".

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Iris said...

So nice that you live so close to the rose park round about park. It really is nice to stop and smell the roses!