Wednesday, January 20, 2010

California Storm

Yesterday I had the day off from work since I have to work this Saturday, so I got up early and went to the gym and went to Marshalls to look around. When I left Marshalls it just started to pour cats and dogs! Luckily I had my umbrella handy. I was planning on going home and eat lunch then I was going to the movies by myself to see "Leap Year" starring Amy Adams. I like her she seems like a sweetheart. So anyway I turn on the news and they issued a Tornado Alert! I didn't believe it cause the news always exajerrates things! But then they showed the beach areas and Orange county how windy it was I was starting to get freaked out! I went out to my backyard and it was flooding! Next to my garage it was about ankle deep! I had to remove the mulch that was clogging the drain then it started to go down. Thank goodness! Our garage would have flooded. Here are some pictures of how strong the storm was.

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Cassidy said...

oh my gosh i know ! the storms were crazy !
my basketball games and practices were cancelled because everything was flooded .
well good thing it's passed now ! although it was sort of neat considering california never gets that kind of weather .