Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Give a day, get a day.

I signed up for Disney's give a day, get a day program today. I've always wanted to volunteer so now I have a great reason to, Disney free ticket of course! I signed up for March. Everything is filling up fast that I wanted or it conflicted with my schedule. So I'm happy with cleaning up Seal Beach. It's such a nice beach, it's a shame that people leave so much trash there. Plus the San Gabriel River doesn't help that it gets dumped in the Long Beach harbor. I hope I don't find a couch or a mattress there!


Lexie said...

i saw an ad for that and thought it was a great idea! unfortunately i live quite a ways away from any disney madness!

Iris said...

OOO Great idea I been actually considering doing some voulunteer work for the wildlife and wetlands conservation..I have a disney pass already...but I still want to help.

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...