Sunday, October 17, 2010

Enrique Iglesia's Concert!!

Thanks to Iris my mom and I got to go see Enrique Iglesia's at El Rey in LA. It was my moms birthday so I took her out for lunch then we went to the concert. We had a blast! My mom had such a great time she just loves concerts.
This is when he first came out it was pretty intense, he had two people open up for him so after they were done we were anticipating his appearance!
El Rey Theatre is pretty small so we got to see him pretty darn well! Let me tell you he was pretty damn hot!! He looks so well in person!!!
He had so much energy, his presence really lit the place up! Girls and guys for that matter were going wild!
He was sooo great with his fans I was really surprised how humble he was. He would sing then sign autographs and invited a couple people on stage with him to have some Grey Goose vodka shots with him!!!

I never considered myself a big fan of his but I do like some of his songs but after that night I really like him! His songs are very romantic.

I  was dancing and singing along too!

Later he got closer.
And closer....

And even more closer!

It was great! And it was open bar so that was a huge PLUS!! I had a Cape Cod, Rum and coke and my mom had a Tom Collins respectively!!!!
Now I want his CD's just so I can re-live that night!! Mom and I got home at midnight. It was fun to hang out with her and do something different.
P.s. I can't thank you enough Iris!!


Iris said...

Your welcome Thelma! I am so glad everything went well. it looks like youguys had a great time for sure and a open bar!!! BONUS!!!
He is hot too!

EnRiQuE's FAn said...

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┼LifezLover said...

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