Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Queen Mary Dark Harbor

We ended up going to The Queen Mary to check it out. The original plan was to go to Knotts Scary Farm but the kids wanted to try something new!
We hit up the ship first! Since we got there pretty much right when it opened we didn't have to wait in line long at all. First we went into Containment. It was cool I think this one had a girl in a wheelchair that freaked me out!! We all stuck pretty close together.

2nd we went into the boiler room hellfire. It was cool and we saw Alex there!! He was doing a great job scaring us all the way to that bridge! It was cool walking on it. Scary when you realized how HIGH you really were! After that we went into Submerged. It was so awesome going through the pool area and finding Jessica there as the "lady who haunts the pool"! Also the little girl looking for her mom freaked me out!!
The costumes and make-up were done so nicely. They really did such a great job!
After that we went to The Cage. That was sooo damn cool! It was fun getting lost in that maze. It was so trippy! After that we went to The Village of the Damned. That was my favorite! We were so scared we like ran through the whole maze. I liked the set up. It was so creepy I felt like I was literally in a haunted house trying to get out for dear life! I just wish the let us take pictures in the mazes! It was a blast!

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Iris said...

Yeah it was a fun time. Village of the Damned scared us good!