Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getty Center

 Dave and I decided to go on a date to The Getty Center. We both have never gone and we've heard it was really nice. It sure was! It's up high overlooking the LA area and the ocean! We could even see Long Beach and Catalina Island it was such a clear day!
Mexican art made entirely of blown glass. Pretty spectacular!

There was so much Travertine, it is pretty amazing!

I love Weeping Willows!

The view behind me was spectacular!

The architecture was so grand.

The streams were pretty cool too. The brochure advises to listen to the changing sounds of the stream "sound sculptures" were put in using boulders.

I really loved these structures that hold boganvillia flowers!

We were walking in the garden and saw a pomegrante tree.

The stream ends up here in the Flowering Maze. I would have liked to gone through it! But it's all water.

There were some sculptures outside, incredible views!

One of my favorite pieces there!

Another fav, I found her so graceful.

Of course they had a bunch of 18 century paintings and I loved her.

Of course who doesn't love "Iris's" by Van Gogh, I embarissingly asked Dave if this was really the REAL one! We got a chuckle out of that. I knew it was but, I just couldn't believe I was standing in front of the actual painting!


Iris said...

WOW!! I still have never been. It looks amazing! I HAVE to go!! What great weather too it was this weekend!

Ally said...

I went there several years ago...I'll never forget, it was SO incredible. I think every day is gorgeous from up there.