Wednesday, November 3, 2010


For Halloween night we always give out candy and scare the kids coming up to the house to get it. Not the little ones but those darn teenagers. It's a kick scaring them, Dave dressed up as Micheal Myers and  he chased some kids down the street. It gave us a holar! And the neighbors were busting up! 
We have a fog machine and a strobe light and put on some loud scary sounds! The kids really like the smoke machine. Dave will sit there and act like a statue while the kids come up and wonder if theres really someone there!

Pretty creepy....
We also put up tombstones. Those always creep me out!

I slipped on my Snow White costume it was fun! We gave out lots of candy!


Iris said...

LOL that is too funny. I wonder if Dave was smiling under that mask!!
That Michael Meyers mask is freaky...i would be afraid too. My brother and Scott were scaring people as well. My brother brought his knee pads that they wear at the queen mary and was sliding out in front of people. they were screaming like crazy freaking people out and had his gloves with the finger taps. It was like Knott's scary farm in our neighborhood!

joe said...

would you mind asking your brother what type of knee pads he was wearing??

joe said...
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