Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Camping trip

So Presidents Day weekend Dave, myself and Todd ventured out to the desert to chill out and get away from city life. It called for rain so Allen, Patricia ended up not wanting to go afterall. Lisa and Erin were sick so it was just us 3. That's me with my favorite drink COKE!! I love camping cause I get to be like a guy and junk out not wear make-up and drink beer! I'm girly but once and a while I like to chillaxe.
This is where Dave and I slept. It was cozy with plenty of blankets inside and protected us from the rain that came in overnight. It wasn't bad at all. We camped near some bushes so I could hear critters jumping around. I got to see some jack rabbits but they were too quick to get any pictures of them. I also heard coyotes howling too. Kinda creepy but cool too!
The fire kept us nice and warm. Dave had brought some yummy chicken soup we feasted on that with some gourmet garlic bread. Washed it down with some rum and cokes.
The moon was incredibly full and yellow. This pic does not do it justice. One thing I love about camping is seeing all of the stars you would not be able to see in the city.
We love our Toyota Landcruiser but she's old and can't really handle rough terrain. So we're gonna sell her.
The boys. I liked Todd's furry hat, it looked warm!
Night shot. Yes it was pitch black dark everywhere around us!

Morning time. No rain the sun was shining but pretty brisk out. Thank goodness for my LL Bean jacket. Good brand!
Dave heading out.
Todd and Dave going for a ride. I stayed behind and read Twighlight for hours. Ahh...such delight.
Later we went shooting. I need to get some more practice. I look like I'm sticking someone up! LOL! FREEZE Scumbag!
Take that! And that!! It was scary shooting but I want to feel more comfortable just in case there is an intruder in the house. I don't want to ever feel vulnerable if I don't have to.
My camping must haves: LL Bean parka, Burts bees lip balm, Stella's, and of course a great read like Twighlight! Can't wait to finish it!


Iris said...

Man this post makes me want to go camping so bad! Looks like it was a good time!

Lauren said...

haha yes! BURTS BEES!!!!!

John and Kirsten said...

You are tooooo funny! Good for you...the first sound of rain on a camping trip and I would have stayed home. I like camping but I have to draw the line someplace!