Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two bucks

I'm at Nordstrom Rack like ALL the time on my lunch break and I happen to stumble across these Jessica Simpson shoes. I tried them on and they just look so cute. They've got a very classic look to them, except for the platform part. Platforms get a bad rap. They look very uncomfortable but, really they give your foot more stability. I don't really wear heals very often anymore and when I do I can't wait to get them off. You know what I mean...the painful torcher a woman must go through to look good! But I have to say that I wore these on Friday and I could totally dance the night away with these baby's on!
Oh and the best part was they were two dollars! They were on clearance and I had a $20 discount for opening up an account. Not too shabby!


Iris said...

TWO DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need to open me a nordstrom rack card!

John and Kirsten said...

Dont you just love a bargain. I also seem to love my bargain stuff more than my full price stuff....why is that! These are adorable!