Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Business Idea? Sounds good.

A few weeks ago my co-worker Sodalis asked me if Dave could help rebuild their pond. Sodalis said she was inspired by our back yard when I threw a baby shower for her back in 07'. Her husband Ryan built the pond but without a waterfall and it was too shallow so some of their fish got eaten, possibly by raccoons or some type of large bird. So we needed the money and Dave offered some of his expertise and time. Him and Ryan had to dig up this HUGE hole about 4 feet deep!
Here is the liner that goes on top of the dirt. There must be no punctures in the liner whatsoever so water doesn't leak into the earth. Then you need a pump for the waterfall which keeps the water oxygenated. And a UV light to keep the water from getting too cloudy and keeping the algae amount down.
Just fill with water and turn the pump on which runs on electricity. Next, decorate with pebbles, rocks and stones.

Let your fish swim freely! And feed them, but not too much.
And finally enjoy your pond!! I want to come by in a few weeks and see what kind of plants they put around the pond so it all comes together. And hopefully Dave can do some side work, he really enjoys it.


Lauren said...

wow that looks amazing! my dad has built waterfall ponds in 2 houses we lived in

Iris said...

That is a nice big pond they put up. Yeah that would be something great that I am sure Dave enjoyed doing!

Advin sam said...

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