Monday, January 9, 2012

Girls night!

Last Friday night the girls and I wanted to go out and paint the town red. We haven't seen eachother since New Years so it was time.
We hung out on Pine Ave in Downtown LB. Our first hit up was Sevilla's. We had some very yummy but very expensive Mojitos.

Next, we just kinda walked around looking for a more economical hang out. A girl works to hard for her money to buy expensive drinks Dammit! So we ended up at Shannon's Pub. Drinks were cheaper there. We met this guy who taught us how to play Shuffle Board.
 Afterwards we felt like dancing so we went to Sevilla's Night Club. I liked dancing to the Rock En Espanol, just like in the good ole days!
IT was fun. Can't wait for another night out!

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Iris said...

hahahaha what the Hell was I doing in that one dancing scene???? Yeah we got to do that more was a BLAST!!!