Monday, April 12, 2010

Any good reads?

I've always liked to read. It definately starts when you're young. I remember the book fairs at school and going to the library after school. I love'd it! So now in my spare time I like to stick my nose in a good book. Right now I am reading "Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict" and I love it. It's about a modern woman who wakes up one morning in the 19th century, it's pretty funny. A good book should whisk you away into another world. What are your favorite books?


Cassidy said...

i LOVE sophia kinsella . she writes the shopaholic series ; but she also has some great other reads . her books are hilarious :}

Maria Ana said...

I love "Chocolate" from joanne harris

Retro Mom said...

Cheesy as it is I lOVE the Twilight stuff..much better than the movies. Right now I am reading Charles Phoenix Southern Californialand. It is bascially all about mid century California. He does these old slideshows of random familes vacations in the 50's 60's and made a book about them. It is GREAT!