Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter was yummy

On Easter Sunday I went to my mom's house to have lunch and hide easter eggs for my niece and nephew.
It was fun! I love to hide easter eggs and watch kids look for them. Although my nephew said he didn't want to participate (he's 12) but my niece who's 10 had a blast! He's kinda growing out of it. So she got tons of candy and some money that I hid money in a silver egg.
We had grilled fish, homeade potatoe salad, ceaser salad, corn on the cobb, cupcakes topped with raspberries! We were outside when the earthquake hit! Boy that was weird! It felt like I was on a boat swaying side to side. I was pretty scared. I'm glad I was with my family though.


Lexie said...

what a great weekend!

i'm glad you survived that earthquake -- i definitely thought of all my CA blog friends when i read about it!

Alicia said...

aww it's so fun to hide the eggs! sounds like a great easter!! :)

Retro Mom said...

I cannot believe that I did not even feel it!!
I just love watching kids have fun hunting for eggs. I always used to have the biggest blast looking for eggs.

Retro Mom said...
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