Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Solvang partie deux

Me standing against the gorgeous vineyards at Fess Parker.
Iris and I relaxing under some tree's drinking vino.
Toni and Iris looking magnificently chic.
Us girls having a taste at Presidio! I bought my fav there. It was the 2006 Syrah, very jammy with a hint of white pepper. Mmm...
Now we're getting crazy!
More vino. Don't you wish you were here?
My lovely's looking even more lovely.
We were starving. We had some New York steaks, potatoes and veggies. We were giggling like mad at this point!
Our last stop at a cellar/bar! Iris and I were still tasting wines and Toni was tasting beer!

Okay seriously...we had to go dance to to complete the night! I had so much fun in one day!!


Retro Mom said...

OH MAN what a great Trip huh. Did you see my Solvang blog? SOO when we going back??

LML said...

looks like you had such a great time!