Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthday getaway

For my birthday Dave and I went to visit the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was such a nice day, perfect weather!

1st stop, the Aviary!

Lots of strange and exotic birds!

There was a great big pond there with lots of neat birds.

Of course there were some pretty flamingos!

Next stop, Gorillas! much like us. LOL! This one was a female. The male came out of his cave for a minute. He was HUGE!

Pretty flowers on the grounds!

Some of the paths were so cool you just wanted to walk through them.

We saw a show called "Frequent Flyers" they showed some birds like this owl.

and this HUGE Condor!

Saw some monkeys, they're so darn cute!

And those funny Meerkats!

A view of the park.

They had this cool balloon that takes you up 400 feet (for an extra charge of course). I decided to stay on the ground!

We went on the tram that takes you where the animals are roaming.

We saw an ostrich tending to her eggs or maybe she was eating them. Who knows?

Many animals wandering around. I like that about this park.

A lion taking a snooze. I think that's his favorite spot.

Later we went into the Lorikeet Landing where you can feed them. They will swarm you if you have any nectar! They were very pretty!

This was inside the petting kraal. She was licking Dave's hand.

There was this cute little bunny running around in the bushes. He's right in the middle.

So sweet.

They had a Bonsai hut there!

Dave liked this one.

They had a cool suspension bridge. We ran on it. Whoa!!

Had a great time!


Cassidy said...

ah yes that place has a tender spot in my heart . :}
loving the summer layout by the way !

Retro Mom said...

I have always wanted to go to the wild animal park. I may need to try and take the kids this summer! Glad you had a good time!

Alicia said...

oh these photos really make me want to go to the san diego zoo... any zoo really! :)