Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day at Pismo Beach

We are driving up the 101 North. I love this freeway because it's really scenic!

Passing Ventura Beach. I saw one dolphin, I get so excited when I see one!
Passing the Vineyards close to Solvang!

We've arrived. The campground was nice with working showers and toilets! That was a big plus. That's Dave's rigg, that sucker hauls.

Todd, Lisa and Erin. We're off to the Dunes!

The beach was beautiful but it was soooo windy. Lots of white caps out there!

Todd passing us up!

Man what a nice beach!

The boys.

Allen's rigg was pretty sweet! He kept popping willies with it!

Dave was hauling here!

Allen was having fun too.

Hold on Dave!

Back at camp chillin with some beers and bbq! Not a bad way to spend the weekend!

There were some horse stables there. It was quite pretty!

The moon was rising over the mountains. I had a blast!


Retro Mom said...

That looks like so much fun! I would love to go on one of those Buggy's one day. I can imagine it would be very scary!

LML said...

looks really fun! the CA coast is one of the prettiest things i have ever seen!