Monday, June 28, 2010

Nancy's Bachorette Party!

So Nancy is getting married in July! She's been with her man for a few years now and they think it's about time to finally tie the knot!

I've known Nancy since middle school. I was teachers aid in her 6th grade math class and I was in the 8th. Good times!

All of the girls before we went to Sevilla's in Long Beach.

The naught table!!

Nancy dancing the night away!

Camerina, Anna (maid of honor) and Adrianna. It was nice to see everyone and catch up on old times!


Alicia said...

aww, looks like you girls had a fun night!! :)

Iris said...

How Fun! I can't wait til I am done moving so I can start doing some fun stuff. already due to the move I missed a couple bday parties, A wedding Shower, A baby Shower and a friends club.