Monday, August 2, 2010

San Diego trip

We took another trip to San Diego. The kids were really looking forward to going there. They needed a nice summer trip before school starts. Nerissa at La Jolla beach. It was overcast but it was nice and warm anyway!
We made it to Old Town. I really liked this mural!
At the Zoltar machine. Nerissa liked her fortune but Tirso on the other hand did not...
At the Haunted Whaley House. There were hangings held there back in the day. And there is an eeery feeling when you are there I must say.
We went for a night walk around the Whaley House grounds.
Theres so many Old West style stuff in Old Town. I love it!
These are always a blast!
Woo hoo we love Old Town San Diego!

We also went to the San Diego Zoo!

The king of the jungle!!
HAHAHA! I love this pic! We're such goof balls!


Iris said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Man I am so dying to get out of town for some fun time away with the kids.

ellie said...

Really, some adorable photos of the trip.