Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Sweet Retreat

It occurred to me that I have never blogged about my house before. I don't know why I haven't but I thought it would be kinda interesting to. My house is a Craftsman Bungalow in the Rose Park Historical District in Long Beach. It was built in 1910! Wow I can't believe my house is 101 years old this year! Dave and I have lived in this house since 2004 and let me tell you this house was scary looking. I wish I had some old pics of it to show you what I mean. We gave the house a "face lift", it was definitely a diamond in the rough!
Here is the living room. What I love about it is the beams on the ceiling. It also has the original hardwood floors and lots of windows.
This is the dining area. I love the original built in's that store our little nick knacks!
Our Ikea kitchen. I wasn't too keen on the idea of having an Ikea kitchen simply because I didn't think it would really withstand the demand of actual use. But I got to say that it is doing just great! I love the white old fashioned cabinets and wood counter tops! Dave's friend Kenji helped us put in the tile on the floors and the back splash. Also, the swinging door we found in the trash in Belmont Heights! With a little TLC Dave restored it!!
At the end of the hallway is a stained glass window which we put in ourselves.

The restroom originally was very small and outdated. Kenji put in all of the tile and we knocked a wall down to put in the shower. We also added a whirlpool tub!

The bedroom.

The office where I am blogging from!! Now let's step outside...

The gazebo.

The koi pond. I like how you have to walk over the bridge to get across into the backyard!

We have 16 koi fish.

The hut which Dave built himself! He's very handy!

The rock garden now has a new pond for plants only. Although, some rodents seem to be terrorizing the area! Could it be possums or racoons? Dunno?

Lily pads!!
A beautiful lotus flower!
And another!!!
As I was taking pictures I encountered this bright, blue bird!

I thought he was just gorgeous! We studied each other for a long time! Looking at each other with such curiosity. We get a lot of humming birds and insects of all kinds in our back yard but I must say I have never encountered a bird like this! I think he is a Mexican Blue Bird.
Well I hope that you enjoyed a tour of my house. I love it, it has lots of character and it is very cozy.


John and Kirsten said...

Wow....I don't know where to start. I love everything about it and all the stuff you guys have done. It is so cool that you got the swinging door to make such a great addition to the kitchen. We have a lot of hardwood floors too. So I need to know....late at night do you guys have to stop your friends from fishing in your pond?

Thelma said...

HAHAHAHA Kirsten! I got to say that we haven't had that problem yet!!

Iris said...

Wow I don't think I ever seen the little pond in the rock garden!! I love your place! We need to have a tea or mimosa brunch girls thingy at your place again soon sometime!!
It is always so relaxing in your backyard!

Lauren said...

your backyard is soooo amazing!!! i love DIY! this makes me yearn for cali....