Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years resolutions

I usually make new years resolutions every year. I am always trying to improve myself and step back and ask myself what it is I really want out of this year?
#1. School is at my top list. I want to really decidate myself in my studies. That means good grades and showing up to school. Even on those nights when I would rather just watch TV and do nothing.
#2. Of course getting healthier. Sure I would like to lose weight but, I really want to focus on eating more veggies and working out consistantly. Dieting sucks but so does being overweight!!
#3. Set some $ aside for a nice and deserved vacation somewhere nice and warm.
#4. Learn French.

That is all. Pretty simple stuff I think!! Learning French will probably be my biggest challenge!!


John and Kirsten said...

I like to think of those as life style changes that way if they aren't perfect all the time you are least working on the change. I have been wanting to take some fun classes this year and signed up for one inthe new year - cake decorating! Have you tried any of the language tapes for the French? You may be able to check them out at the library.

Iris said...

My new years resolution is to Ofcourse be more healthy but most of all Travel. One thing I have NEVER really done but I just gotta make it happen. I am seriosuly going to be planning out dates way ahead of time and just travel..even if it is just another part of CA.

Lauren said...

healthier is always on my list too :)

Alicia said...

Learn French?! Thanks an awesome goal!

Alicia said...

*That's ;)