Friday, January 28, 2011

Vintage finds

Recently Dave helped his father clear out a shed in Torrance, California of items that used to belong to his step-mothers late mother. He found some cool stuff. Some of it we gave to Iris and Dave Fredell. This here is a cute little tea infuser. It's so darling.
I love small things, so I grabbed this cute little vase made in Japan.

I thought this was a really nice colorful vase.

Dave found me this cute sailor dress and it actually fits pretty well! It's hanging in the garage for now because of the strong (old) smell. Any tips on getting that old mildewy smell out?

Now this dress was really special. Never been worn with the tags still on it! And the kicker is the amazing shawl with real fur!! It fits like a dream too!

I managed to keep one purse that I really loved. It is a soft wool like material.

Attachted to the purse is a coin purse! So neat!

The inside lining is very elegant. I can't wait to wear these items!!


Iris said...

I love the dresses!! Yeah I am taking my dresses to the dry cleaners then I am going to bag them with dryer sheets to help get the smell out. The purse is super swesome too!!!!

John and Kirsten said...

Wow that is really vintage! I have always heard the more time outside, but you have to be careful of the moisture.You could check with the cleaners to see what they recommend. Id be careful with the fur.