Monday, June 27, 2011

Metro Adventures

On Saturday Jackie and decided to get on the Metro Rail just randomly and see what kind of neat places it would take us. Tirso Jr and Nerissa couldn't come since they had other plans. Since Jackie lives in Montebello, we drove to the closest 'park and ride station' which was Gold Line Atlantic Station. I parked my car and we bought our tickets and hopped on the train.
Our first stop was Chinatown. I noticed Homegirl Cafe was right outside. I have heard about it on TV that it is a cafe that hires at risk and ex-gang members to give them a chance to become productive members of society. So we had to go in and have some breakfast there. It's a really nice cafe inside. They had a bunch of yummy looking desserts there too!

I ordered a yummy Mango Upsidedown Cornbread w/warm milk. good!
Jackie ordered a Fresh Fruit Salad w/Yogurt.

We got back on the Gold Line and headed for Pasedena. Let me tell you it was a nice ride, you get to see so many beautiful Craftsman and Victorian houses along the way! We got off at Memorial Park Station and walked to Old Pasedena. It was really easy. Later we stopped by Jackie's Art school, The Armory. I am glad she is taking art classes. I think she has a great gift as an artisit and I encourage her to keep learning.

We got hungry doing so much walking around we stopped into Noodle World Thai food! She got herself a Boba Thai iced tea, I just had a cold Sprite and we got some out of this world Chicken w/basil w/pan-fried noodles and chicken fried rice. I think that had to be the best chicken fried rice I ever had! Seriously!
After all that food we encountered this park and sat in the shade and had Girl Talk. I got to say it's great having a sister to share converstations with. We got to really just sit and talk for hours it seemed.

After Pasedena we got back on the Gold Line and transferred to the Red Line to Hollywood/Vine Station. We went to Ameba Records and checked it out. It's so awesome there they have tons and tons of music, movies, posters and other stuff. It was really a great day.

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Iris said...

Oh man that does sound like an amazing time. I just love having no plan and just going where they day takes you. I gotta get on that metro sometime and head over to Pasadena or Chinatown!