Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It was a Sunday indeed..

Sunday was a beautiful day! Dave and I hung out and decided to go to the Koi Pond store we go in Westminster. We needed more fish food and we just LOVE to go there and look at the ponds and there incredible fish! This is there new little pond they just built. I love the lily pads! They had little gold fish swimming in there. We need some too and guppy's and frogs!!

They have these neat lettuce and hythnith plants. Need some of those too! It's cool because of the guppy's swimming around in there.

Amazing Lily Pads and Purple lotus flowers. We have yellow and pink lotus at home.
I am fancying the purple.

You can see the gold fish swimming all around. It's nice because they won't eat the Lily pads like Koi do.

They have this area that has these HUGE and I mean HUGE Koi fish in these tanks. Pictures just can't do it justice.
These were hundreds of small koi. I liked the very bright silver one's.

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Iris said...

I wish I could have a little pond in my backyard. I really dig the purple Lily Pads too. So nice and relaxing.