Monday, September 12, 2011

AquaLink Boat adventure

One thing I wanted to do before summer ended was go on a boat ride. So Iris, Toni and I did just that and took a ride around the Long Beach Harbor on the Aqualink. It was a warm evening but the girls had their jackets and I brought my blanket just in case it got too cold.

Leaving Alamitos Bay Landing. Bye!

Hey girls! You all ready?!

It was perfect weather so far and we were going to see the sunset.

A great view! Nothing but ocean as far as the eyes could see...

Get your camera ready!

 Trying to take a pic of us both but missed by a hair or two. LOL!
Belmont Pier. A new stop.

Leaving the pier. I love how the sun is about to set.

There were many pelicans diving into the water.

Ah such a beautiful sight...

The Queen...Mary.

We were having a blast!

The lighthouse.

One last shot before the sun goes down. This was a great time!

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Iris said...

Heck yeah! we gotta do that again!