Monday, September 26, 2011

School Daze...

Here is my school Cypress College. It's a nice campus. I chose to come here because of there Dental Hygiene program. This school has a 90% graduation rate once you are accepted. My other choice was Cerritos College but I like this campus better. Too bad the program is not offered at LBCC or CSULB. It would be a lot closer to me. That is where my math class is...I think that is where most of my classes will take place. Since they are either math or science! 

I love this little short cut trail! This school is very futuristic looking. It reminds me of the movie "Total Recall" with Arnold Schwartenegger. LOL!

It has a nice area in the middle of the school. I see a lot of students out here studying or eating their lunches or just socializing with friends.

I come here to take advantage of the Free Math Tutoring. So far so good. Math is my worst nightmare. As much as I try to avoid keeps coming back to haunt me!!

I have to scan my ID card. Then I just work on my assignment and if I get stuck there are 3 or 4 tutors there to help. The staff is extremely helpful thank goodness. I believe they really want their students to succeed.  It's a huge relief to have this service. Frankly I can't really afford a private tutor. Thanks Cypress College!

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Iris said...

I remember when i was a kid and my parents always going there for the swapmeets on the weekends I was always telling them how I wanted to go to Cypress College because I liked how it looked LOL