Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Day at Work

I've been meaning to blog about work for the longest time ever. Well finally I have! This is me at the Main office on Cherry/Anaheim in the Telephone Info Center getting customers from point A to point B on the buses.

This is the Downtown Long Beach Information Center. There are 3 windows for transit information and 1 for visitor information. It's a brand new state of the art building.

I caught a picture of Phillip the vistor information clerk. He's standing outside and ready to approach visitors of our beautiful city.

There's Mickey helping a customer with transit info.

 Heres the transit guide racks!
We also have a "touch" kiosk that will display information and it has a "plan your trip" button as well.

The old Security Bank that houses offices and The Madison Restaurant below. I love this historical building!

Named after our old Cheif Operating Officer who recently retired.

My view down Pine Street. I can see LOpera, Alegria, and George's restaurants.  And lots of fashionable people walk by.

I just love these two paintings that they put in our building depecting Zeus and Athena "waterpolo themed at the Belmont Pool".

The Metro Blue Line going by.

The new Bicycle Station. You can park your bike for free for the day and rent a bike too.

Behind the bike station is this really cute park.
This little Ampetheatre were sometimes bands play at in the park.

There is water streaming down the ampetheatre. Pretty neat!
This iron fence has these cute little birds on it. Loves it...
This looks like airplane windows. Interesting...
Cute little fish squirting out water at some of the Lofts there.
I love these random mosaics they put in all around the bus terminals.
Sea creatures or eels?
Also, there are these random shells they put in some places! I love anything from the Sea.
The bus terminals display LIVE departure times. Very state of the art. I hope you enjoyed a day at work with me!!

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Iris said...

I wish I had that scenery when I am at work. All I see is motorycles. Wow I don't get to down town LB as much as I used to. It is so nice out there. They fixed the place up really nice. I gotta get out there more!