Thursday, August 2, 2012

Camping in Mammoth

On the way back from Bodie Ghost Town we used the off road trail which was all gravel. It was not bad at all.
Such a pretty country. You can see Mono Lake in the distance.
We were pretty tired from walking in the Ghost town that we just drove by Mono Lake and it was just gorgeous. I had my polorized sunglasses on and the ripples in the water looked amazing. There are no fish in this water because of the high alkaline. Just brine shrimp and a bunch of birds are there feeding on them.
So we came back into camp and it was starting to get really chilly so we lit a fire.
Then soon everyone wanted to get warm so they came on over!
Toasting some marshmellows and drinking some booze!
We started telling storys and the kids were playing campground games. Good times!


Iris said...

Looks like a Great time! Wow how many of you went camping?? Looks like a good size group!

Thelma said...

It was a bunch of us! Big family!