Sunday, August 5, 2012

Whale Watching

I scored a couple of Whale Watching tickets from work and I have been dying to use them. So I called up my sister Jackie to join me. We crossed our fingers that we would see some since there are no guarantees. The boat departs from Dock 2 in front of the Aquarium.

Off we went. There were two boats that take people. There was a huge line.

 I love Shoreline Village!

We saw many boats out, it was a perfect day for being on the water!
I did not mean to take this video. I had my camera in my pocket and I took it out to snap a pic of us and it was set on VIDEO! lol.

We were in the front of the boat and the spray was getting us. At first it felt good but after a while it was getting all on our sunglasses, hair (which made it super sticky, because of the mousse in my hair and the salt water) haha!

Jackie searching for whales. We almost gave up.

There was the other boat that left along with us.

They take you all the way to Catalina Island area.

FINALLY the Captain spotted a Blue Whale!

There he is!

There is his tail! You might have to click on the photo to get a better view of it.  We also saw some sea lions and dolphins. The dolphins were too fast for us to get their picture.

We went downstairs because we got a lot of sun. I didn't put enough sunscreen on my body. I got burned a bit.
Well they spotted another Whale! darn I would have got a better picture on the top deck!

We were on the boat for 2 1/2-3 hours so we were hungry and didn't want to eat junk food they had on the boat. So we went down to Retro Row and ate at Number Nine, a Vietnamese restaurant. We loved it! Jackie ordered Jasmine Iced tea and the "Pho" soup which had the works...chicken, tofu, beef brisket, they give you sprigs of mint, jalapenos, bean sprouts to add to your soup and I had Jasmine tea infused with Lychee and "Bun" a cold noodle dish with Five Spice Chicken, egg roll, crunchy onion toppint, cucumber, cilantro, carrot and the dressing which I think is made with Rice vinger and something else they must add to it. It was pretty tasty!

We also shared a Lychee Sorbet. We were in heaven. The place was reasonably priced too for the fancy presentation they had anyway! Will go back again!

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Iris said...

LYCHEE SORBET!!!!! I MUST GO!!! Sounds like a Great day with your sister!