Friday, August 3, 2012

Last Day In Mammoth

This was our campsite early in the morning. The brisk air and the sunlight woke us up. It was kinda nice not looking at our watches and completely disconnect our selves from our cellphones.

Smokey the Bear says "Only YOU can prevent forest fires" hahaha. It is sad that a lot of trees were burned down because of fires.

The rest of the family decided to go to Rainbow falls and the Devils Postpile but since Dave and I already did that last year we decided to go exploring! Dave really wanted to shoot his new shot gun and wanted me to try it too. We went off roading and found this area where the locals must come out to shoot. There were gun shells everywhere. We were not on private property though, I was kinda looking around waiting for some cowboys to ask us what we were doing there...LOL!  I shot a smaller gun before but the shot gun had more recoil. I was all tense and scared it would hit me in the face. But I shot it twice! I was scared but I wanted to learn.

We had both pellet and slug bullets. I shot the pellets because the recoil wouldn't be as strong as the slugs. It was loud! We had our earplugs on. Plus it was so quiet all you could hear was the wind.

The slug shot.

The pellet shot.

After shooting we went on another off road trail looking at our map for Owens River but could not find it. But we found an even better spot! HOT SPRINGS! We had a little picnic by them. Too bad they do not allow you in the water. It is BOILING hot.

You just want to go in so bad.



Okay so it was so hot. We found Owens River but it was too grassy and slimey for me. I just hung out and drank beer and gatorade!!

Dave got right in!! He's like the Honey Badger. He don't CARE!

The Twin Lake area where we camped.

So pretty.
On last shot of the camp before we leave...I was so sad to go. I had a great time. No bear in our territory thank goodness. But I guess as soon as we left a bear cam into my family's area!! OH NO!


Iris said...

Damn that looked like such a nice time!! We MUST do a girls trip and do some Hot Springs!! I have always wanted to do that!! Yeah I would be sad to leave as well. MAN lucky you did not have a encounter with that bear!

Thelma said...

yeah I would have died if I saw the bear! Yeah we have to find some hot springs we can actually get into!!