Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dreams of Fish

I've always found dreams fascinating. I believe that the have meaning. Whether it be foretelling the future or the dream trying to tell you something. So the other night I dreamt about fish. Now I have heard many things about the symbol of seeing fish in a dream. Good luck, fortune, fertility.
So in my dream I saw my coi fish not in my pond but in a huge aquarium. They were swimming then some were jumping out at me and my niece who was there too. She caught all of them but I would catch some and some would slip out of my hands. I also looked down at the bottom of the aquarium and some fish were dead.
What I think the dream meant was that I am juggling too many things at once. And I need to slow down. So I will. What do your dreams mean to you? Do they help you?


FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a good interpretation of your dream. Loving your blog, xo Lidy

Retro Mom said...

I have always been fascinated by dreams. They are truly another world of our lives. Even though you don't physically experience for Real you mentally experience it. I think they do have lots of hidden meanings and you may be spot on with your inerpretation.