Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Are you SERIOUS?!

So yesterday I went to get a consultation on getting some braces because my teeth are shifting. I had braces as a kid and I had the hole get-up too. Head gear and everything which sucked. So now looks like I'm doing it again. I think it is important since I am going in to the Dental field to have nice, straight, healthy teeth. So I'm going to buck up and do it.
I love this picture of Joan Cusak in Sixteen Candles! So funny!


Alicia said...

oh no, sounds awful, but props to you for doing it! i kind of regret never having braces because i have a crazy tooth that always seems to stick out in pictures! haha oh well. have you thought about invisaline?

Thelma said...

invisaline is just tooo expensive for me right now. Maybe I'll get the clear braces?