Friday, May 7, 2010

Robin Hood Premiere

Tonight myself, Dave and his family were invited to go to the Robin Hood movie premiere! Dave's stepbrother who worked for Universal Pictures unfortunately passed away this past March this was the last movie that he worked on. His name was Brett Johnson and he was the Senior Accountant for Universal Pictures. He passed at such a young age he was only 54 and died in his sleep. He had a heart condition we found out. He left behind a wife and three children.
I never really got a chance to get to know him because we didn't spend time with the family. Just this last year he and Dave started to hang out with each other a lot more and enjoy trips out to Big Bear. He had told us about the Robin Hood premiere and we were very excited to go with him. He will surely be there inspirit. May you rest in peace Brett.


Retro Mom said...

Can't wait to hear how it was!

Unknown said...

Watch robin hood 2010 full movie free on zmovies now. ...and then I would not have subjected myself to the reason-why-some-people-should-be-banned-from-cinemas-personification sitting next to me. He was chomping away at his nachos like they were his last, he elbowed me a couple of times trying to get to his water, his phone kept buzzing and he answered every time. He got popcorn stuck somewhere inaccessible – have you ever heard a cat coughing up a fur ball?
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I have to admit that I was not aware that this version of Robin Hood was an intro to the legend (didn't see any previews), I was waiting for the well known storyline to unfold, in frustration. Maybe if I watched it knowing that the arrow was not going to be splitting an arrow (a scene I was looking forward to in Ridley's interpretation), I might have enjoyed the novelty of it.

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Nothing in the movie makes sense at all. All I knew is that in the beginning, Robin Hood and all those other guys were on a Crusade, and that's it. Everything else was cloudy and confusing. Why did they put Robin Hood in the stocks? Was it because he punched that guy for no reason? The movie moves on to that little town that gets raided by those kids with creepy masks on. What was that all about? I don't think they ever explained why they were wearing masks and what they wanted or what the point of their appearances were. There were a lot of battle scenes, which were exciting to some extent, but they were outweighed by long, boring scenes with people just talking. And what were they talking about?? The accents, I think were either over-exaggerated, or badly done, because I had no idea what any of the characters were saying half the time. And what was with Russel Crowe?

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