Saturday, May 22, 2010

French women don't get fat

So the novel that I'm reading "Lunch in Paris" has some nice tips on why french women are not typically overweight. It's very interesting because french food is so rich.
1st of all the french people walk, walk and walk even more. In France everything is accessible by walking versus here in America things are so spread out we drive everywhere and use escalators and elevators whenever we can. Gym memberships are pretty much unheard of also in France.
2nd, portion control. I got to say this is my downfall. Since I was a kid I've been "programed" to finish all of my food. I've been noticing my portions are so big. I have to remember to think petite. See the french women know sooner or later they are gonna get into a bikini so they know they need to watch it. And they pull it off. I'm talking even older women get into bikini's! 
3rd, fresh food. Markets are big in France and the people don't really eat "fast food". So more home cooking!! I've been going to the Farmers Market more. It's fun and I feel so much healthier.
And lastly, enjoy every morsel of food, eat slowly and yes have dessert!


Alicia said...

great tips to live by!!

Retro Mom said...

Speaking of dessert..have you seen the link to my hostess blog I follow..some GREAT French Party ideas!!

Thelma said...

Wow awesome ideas on Hostess blog! Gonna have to steal some!

Scarlett said...
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Scarlett said...
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