Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hollywood Hike

Iris and I went to hike on Saturday to the Hollywood sign. I never knew there was a trail that led you up there! We got up early, met up with her friend Jenn and a couple of other girls and headed out there. It was a very hot morning. We got some Jamba Juice Powerberry smoothies to give us that energy we needed.

Once we got up there we hit the trail! Amazing views of the city and to the left was Griffith Observatory! So much thick smog in the background though!

There were lots of people hiking. Maybe I should get some hiking sticks too!

That hike was pretty challenging for me, my thighs were getting a really good workout! Thank goodness Iris brought her Ipod to keep our mind off the pain!

We saw this little lizard on the way up, also there was a farm down below. There were roosters, chickens, turkeys, and horses. There is a separate trail for horses, although there was horse poop on our trail in some spots. LOL!

This is the backside of the trail, must be Burbank?

The Hollywood Resevoir. And some pretty big houses.

Ah! We finally made it to the top! It was a lot easier going down for sure!

Got to get a shot of the Hollywood sign behind us!

One last shot! Can't wait to do it again!

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Iris said...

Yeah that was a bit challenging for those who haven't hiked much..I am sure if we got more into the routine for going out on hikes this would be a cake walk. Man I am still feeling the pain..probably cause I spent all of Sunday walking around Disneyland on top of hiking Saturday!