Monday, August 1, 2011

Mammoth Twin Lakes Family Campout

The family and Dave and I all went camping out in Mammoth area. The campsite was at Twin Lakes. It was so incredibly beautiful! I thought Big Bear was nice but Mammoth was just different. The trees, the high mountain peaks, people fishing, mountain biking, hiking all around.
Aw the lake was soooo so pretty. I was in heaven. Looks so inviting to swim in but the water was SO COLD. No one swam, people were fishing and kayaking and that was pretty much it.
The falls in the distance was amazing and so loud! There was still a lot of snow melting in the mountains.
So pretty. It was very powerful.
We got to our campsite finally and parked the car and set up our stuff.
Our tent. You really have to be cautious of bears so they had this big box you have to lock up your food and trash in there if you are not around. They also tell you to not have food in your tent or in your car! To be honest I was really freaked out the 1st day we got there and super paranoid about leaving any food around! But no bears...thank goodnes!
Frankie, Jackie and Ashley. It was cold at night. It got down to the 40's. It's pretty high elevation, I think it was around 7000 ft. During the day it was pretty hot. You have to dress in layers. And lots of bugs(mosquitos). I'm surprised they didn't really mess with me.
We were laying down on the ground star gazing. There were thousands of twinkling lights!
Later we all huddled by a nice fire and drank some beers. It was a great 1st day so far!!
Blog part 2 tomorrow...

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Iris said...

It looks soo beautiful and peaceful!! I gotta get out there one day!