Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mammoth Campout part 2

The next day Dave and I decided to go for a hike around the lake.
There were all kinds of pretty cabins along the lake. Wonder how much they charge?
To the falls!!!!
We discovered a wet path that we thought would take us to the falls.
Getting closer?
YES! The path took us to the bottom of the falls. Couldn't take any closer pics of the falls because of the big bush on the right.
People were out there fishing and kayaking.
I wanna live here!
A CHIPMUNK! There on the rock! I've never seen one up close. There were a lot looking for food, as well as squirrels, blue jays, and we even spotted some deer.
Time for some fire, beers and FOOD! We had chili the 1st night and carnitas on this night! YUM!
And of course, you got to make SMORES out camping!! Dave had it down to a science!
blog part 3 tomorrow!

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Iris said...

Oh man that is such an amazing place to camp..I am sooo gonna do that next year for our annual camping trip. Just stunning!