Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mammoth Campout part 3

The next day we wanted to do some more hiking so we headed out to the Devils Postpile(a rock formation) but first we came here to check out this incredible view of the mountains still covered with SNOW!
You want to just run through the meadow! Like in The Sound of Music! LOL!
There were wild flowers all around.
One last family shot before we go!
We went over to take the bus to the Devils Postpile and waited. These gondolas take you up to the top of the mountain. Looks like a fun ride.
The big Mammoth statue in town.
We then got to the trail to the Devils Postpile. It was a nice trail and it was 1/2 mile. NO sweat!
The Devils Postpile. Wow pretty incredible rock formation. Look how it curves to the side.
You can really tell how big it is in this pic.
After the Devils Postpile there was another trail that takes you to Rainbow Falls. That hike was 2.5 miles there and back. I was feeling good and wanted to see the falls so off we went. There was a river along the way and we crossed this bridge which I thought was pretty neat.
Pretty powerful river.
We finally got down to Rainbow Falls which was totally worth the grueling hike. It was up and down hill, steep in some areas. I was dying. We took a break here at the falls and we had to go back 2.5 miles back. Little did we know there was a shortcut to a bus stop to take you back. LOL! Oh well I really need the exercise. Needless to say I was in pain all night. I was so sore.
Amazing! So we then walked back, got on the bus to go back to camp and it was pouring down rain!! Luckily no water got into our tent and we packed rain panchos. Not such good luck for my family's tents...water puddled on the top of their tents and got some of their cots and sleeping bags all wet. They went to a hotel while Dave and I roughed it. It was fun, I wish I would have taken pics of the rain but by that time I was sore and starving from the hike. The rain eventually stopped we nestled in our tent and slept like bears. Part 4 tomorrow.

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Retro Mom said...

My god I cannot believe how beautiful this place is!! You so have to give me the information on where you go to book the camp site. Just amazing!