Friday, August 5, 2011

Last day Earthquake Fault/Manzanar

On the last day of our trip we wanted to visit the Earthquake Fault in Mammoth and Manzanar Relocation Center.

A view inside the Fault. There was snow down at the bottom. It was pretty deep.
Cool tree trunk!
Dave went inside the Fault and took some close shots.

Dave and I.

We stopped by this world famous Jerky shop.

We got some honey turkey jerky and some Elk smokehouse. I wasn't a big fan of the Elk...too tough.
We then stopped by Manzanar Relocation Center where 10,000 Japanese Americans were held during World War II.

So sad that they had to leave there possessions behind and have to relocate to an area where they had to live under such harsh circumstances.

Some artifacts the Japanese women made there.

The walls of the barracks were only wood and not in even insulated. They were covered with black tar paper. The winters were cold and the summers were very hot. And many families had to share a room. They put up sheets to have some privacy. They had to share showers.

A picture one of the children drew.

Self portrait of a boy there.

The mountains in the back ground.

One of the barracks.

Inside. They originally dismantled everything. And rebuilt it for historical purposes.

The auditorium where they would have church, meeting, dances and functions.

After a while they were able to beautify the property and they put ponds and gardens.
This is what is left of it. They are actually trying to restore it to its original state.
This area was called "Pleasure Park".

It was crazy, as we were walking the grounds. We met this lady called Mary and here daughter and daughter-in-law. Mary actually lived here as a teenager! She said she had fond memories of living here. She said she had more freedom here vs. she would have living at home. It was an honor to meet her.

The memorial they have at the cemetery there. 150 people died here at Manzanar but only 6 are buried there. Most were cremated or buried elsewhere.

People left Origami Cranes for those who perished there.

Also, leaving random items like these.

We left a bottle of Rum.

One of the guard towers there. I'm so glad I got to visit this place. I'd like to come back to see what other improvements they make on the place.

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That is really cool! I didn't even know it exsisted!