Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Duchess de Polignac

Marie Antoinette met the Duchess de Polignac and was so intrigued by her charm and beauty she quickly became her best friend or as they called them then was "her favorite". She invited her to come and live at Versailles. Marie Antoinette thought her to be such a fun person to have around though she had a bad reputation and was hated by the french people. She had a "bad girl" reputation so to speak. She was hated even more when Marie Antoinette paid off the family's debt and gave her husband a job at the court. People accused them of being lesbians! She was like "what the hell?" Towards the end of her reign the Duchess was urged to leave the country because of death threats.
Too bad for Marie Antoinette, they were so carefree and had so much fun together, with the lavish parties and extravagant things. She was her dear friend.

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