Monday, December 14, 2009

I feel good! sugar and spice!

I have been working out like crazy and eating much healthier by eating smaller portions and trying not to eat fried foods. I feel thinner, my back feels slimmer and my legs feel lighter too! I like to work out in the morning before work that way I feel more energetic and focused.
Sample day:
wake up 5:30 am
Gym 6:00-7:45am (workout 1 hr mix cardio/weights)
breakfast: 7:45am coffee of corse! Options:cottage cheese w/pinapple, banana, naked juice(green machine), fiber 1 bar.
work 8:00
lunch 12:00-1:00: full bar and what ever left overs from night before or a lean cuisine.
after lunch walk 1/2 hour
off work: 5:00
dinner: 6:00: protein size of a deck of cards, side of veggies, side of starch like rice/pasta or potatoes. 1/2 glass of OJ.
dessert: 3 cookies with 1/2 glass of milk or skinny cow ice cream or fat free pudding.
This is probably my favorite machine.


Iris said...

So after Christmas I am joining a Gym. We can go together!

Thelma said...