Friday, December 11, 2009

The Princess de Lamballe

The Princess de Lamballe was also the Queen's favorite she actually met her before the Duchess of Polignac.They had a lot in common and shared the same interests but the Queen became more interested in the Duchess de Polignac for she was more outgoing and a bit of a rebel, the Princess de Lamballe was more reserved.

 Even though the princess had so much wealth and excess in her life she was very involved in helping the people of France and involved in many charity's. She was said to be very sweet and beautiful. Towards the revolution the Duchess left for the Swiss border fearing for her life, but the Princess was loyal to the Queen and remained by her side through the awful ordeal. Later on the Queen really apreciated the Princess for her loyalty. However, there was an angry mob that killed the Princess and stuck her head on a Pike, parading it around hoping to show her to the Queen.

The Queen found out about her beloved friend and fainted from the shock.
So sad, after that the Queen became very afraid for her safety and her childrens too.

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Lexie said...

awww .. this post makes me miss my AP euro class!