Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Ranch

On the weekend my dad and stepmom invited us to go down to my stepmoms dad's ranch in Anza. Anza is a few miles east of Temecula. I used to come here as a kid. The whole family would come just to get away from the city. They have this mobile home sitting on 4 acres. It would be nice to have some land to do whatever you wanted with. Just as a getaway retreat.
They have some peach trees growning on the property. It's so quiet there and there are nice views.

Later we headed up to the mountain area of Idlewild, it kinda reminded me of Big Bear. They have some unique shops there. This was my favorite store, The Pony Express Trading Post.

Dave and Jackie fooling around!!! Cool top hat!

They had some cool stuff like rocks and pretty necklaces.
We went into a candy store where they had SODAS galore!!! Too many good ones to choose from.
My dad and I goofing around.
Later we went outside to gaze at the stars. You could hear owls, roosters and dogs barking. And of course some coyotes howling as it got later.

It was cold out there temperatures got down to the 30's at night!! It was a blast!


Iris said...

This makes me yearn for a getaway out in the country or a camping trip. What great pictures and a great post. That one picture of Dave looking at the stars looks like he is taking a wizz LOL!

John and Kirsten said...

Sounds like a great trip.